Tweezen: Light of the Shadow is a fantasy webcomic that takes place within the world of Ja’aire. This place is familiar in many ways, but unfamiliar in just as many. For instance, while it takes place in a setting similar to Earth, this place has two moons. And despite the fact that this world is also populated by humans, they share the planet with many other sentient races.

These sentient races have learned to harness their Aaura, their spirit energy to do amazing things that has shaped their world. By harnessing their energy, they are able to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, and even perform more lucacrious acts that cross the realms into magic. Imagine by concentrating hard enough you could conjure up a fireball; by working hard enough you can instantaneously teleport yourself miles away, by thinking hard enough you could turn invisible, conjure ice, become invulnerable, morph into animals, raise the dead, read minds, increase your strength twelve-fold; and many, many others.

In the world of Ja’aire, a person who knows these abilities is common place, they are literally taught in school. In these schools, young children are taught how to read, write, do math and control their spirit energy in various ways. It’s expected for all youths to go to this school, this academy. There is one exception however, this is called, “The Disciple’s Exception”. Basically the child’s guardian feels they could do a better job of teaching them, takes them out of school and teachers them themselves. Outside of an exam the disciple much take at the end of the year, the child is completely exempt from school.

The story of Tweezen: Light of the Shadow follows the mercenary Stoneheart and his teenaged disciple Rock Freeman as one job turns into the biggest adventure of their lives.


Bryant H.D. Waulkner AKA Brykner is an anti-social, almost 40’s, self taught artist who was born, raised, and still lives in New York City. He noticed a while back that quite a few artists have bios in the third person that make them seem way more important than they actually are, so he decided to try and take a shot at that as well. Brykner doesn’t have any diplomas, BFA’s, or anything like that from any colleges, nor has he had any work published, but he did draw a lot in class during high school and that has to count for something. In his free time he enjoys drawing (weeeeell, not really), browsing internet forums, lying down in his room with the lights off — futilely questioning why life’s turned out this way, and video games. If you would like to know more about him, you can check his sole social media here: Twitter or hit him up on Discord.