Aaura spirit energy, the life force that powers our very being. While everyone and by extension, everything has it, in recent times people have learned to control it. While this advancement has enhanced the quality of life for many people, as of course mankind would, many others discovered its destructive qualities and used it to begin waging war on levels unimaginable before its time. As the years went by these destructive disciplines began to assemble under one roof, and now there’s an organization out there that teaches young men and women how to harness their aaura to fight. Overtime these distinct fighting styles earned symbolic names and were categorized by that same organization: The Guild of Adventurers. The following is a list of the disciplines, or “classes” that they officially recognize:

“I’ve killed more men than you’ve ever met, are you sure you want to stand in my way?”
Warriors are the most basic and fundamental of all the melee classes. While other classes usually have a trick or gimmick founded in spirit energy at their core, Warriors simply rely on their close combat skills and pure power to win the day. That’s not to say that Warriors don’t use Aaura at all, as higher tiers of Warriors learn to harness a specific emotion at their core to augment both their offense and defense.

“There is no problem in the world that can’t be solved by punching the right person in the face.”
Grapplers are a melee class that excel with using their bodies and more specifically their fists for both offense and defense. By mastering their spirit energy to a level that no other class can boast, Grapplers make their fists itself a weapon. While the lack of heavy weapons and armor would seem like a disadvantage, Grapplers coat their bodies in energy which not only gives them excellent defense, but devastating power. While a Grappler has long ranged attacks in their arsenal such as ki-blasts, most would rather get up close and personal to let their fists do all the talking.

“Careful, boys. I hear this man we’re after is as cunning as he is handsome, and I have it on good authority he’s slept with several of your mothers.”
Rogues are a melee class that use small arms and stealth to take their enemies by surprise. Rogues speciality is manipulating their spirit energy to make them virtually invisible to the naked eye, and when the time is right, concentrating that manipulated energy to a single point for an attack with an insane amount of damage.

[Dark Mage]
Dark Mages are a long ranged class that utilize destructive magic from long ranges. Dark Mages do a majority of their damage by emulating the elements and forming faux fireballs, ice shards, lightning bolts, and other projectiles of that nature. While the magic slung is their main form of attack, Dark Mages do carry physical weapons. However most of the time the weapon is less used for attack and more so used as a conduit to help form their spells.

“Who do you think is running this show? This barbarian out in front, or the guy in back keeping the barbarian alive?”
[Divine Mage]
Divine Mages are a healing class that focuses on protecting and healing their allies from harm. While a Divine Mage may have some offensive capabilities, their primary focus is to prevent incoming damage and to heal damage done. Like Dark Mages while they can carry physical weapons, most of the time it’s simply used to augment their magic casting.

“There is no prison that can hold me, no security I can’t bypass, no door I can’t open; I am coming for you, sleep well.”
Ninjas are a class that specialize in a mix of both short and long ranged attacks via their melee weapons, throwing stars, and specialized ninja magic called Ninjutsu. What makes Ninjutsu so interesting is unlike the other classes who cast solely from their Aaura, this specific brand of magic is formed by burning specialized pieces of paper with their own spirit energy. And unlike Dark Mages whose offensive magic has a direct cause-and-effect of pure damage, ninja magic not only damages, but lowers stats on each cast. Lowered attack, lowered defense, lowered dodge; until the opponent just can’t stand. While a Ninja is more than equipped to face someone head to head, they’d much rather wear you down from a distance, and go for the kill once you’re sufficiently worn out — a death of a thousand tiny cuts.

“We are all nothing but actors performing in this production we call life; I can merely see the audience.”
Psymaster is a class that specializes in mixed ranged attacks by using a combination of their own spirit energy, and the manipulation of their opponents. They can manipulate the Aaura of their enemies to inflict mental damage, as well as using their own Aaura to move objects or their opponents via psychokenesis. Psymasters can also read spirit energy in order to see thoughts, gather intel, and even mentally dominate their opponent to “mind-control” them.

“If I can see you, I can hit you; If I can’t, I will anyway.”
The masters of ranged combat, sharpshooters destroy their foes with ranged weapons from impossible distances. By coating their projectiles with their energy, they deliver blows of unrivaled force and accuracy.

“War is hell? No, war is home.”
[Dark Knight]
By harnessing their negative emotions and the darkness within their heart, Dark Knights become physical powerhouses unrivaled by any other class. Like a Warrior they carry an emotion into battle, but seeing as how that emotion is negative, it begins to lead you down a path of destruction that takes a specific type of person to control. That specific type of person eventually becomes the unstoppable force known as a Dark Knight.

“Through honor and valor, we strive!”
[Divine Knight]
The polar opposites of Dark Knights, as well as a variant of the Warrior class, Divine Knights are Warriors that have devoted themselves towards defense rather than offense. While not to say that a Divine Knight has no offensive capabilities, the bulk of their skills are geared towards protecting others, and enhancing their defense to levels that make them an immovable object.

“My skill with the blade is so unparalleled that if the Creator himself were to oppose me, the Creator himself would be cut.”
By honing their spirit energy through their sword and expelling it through their blade, this melee class boast obscene cutting power that is unrivaled by any other. While they could use any bladed weapon with is lethal precision, most Blademancers prefer to stick with a specific two-handed sword called a katana.

“The elements are dangerous, and I *AM* the elements.”
Geomancers are a mixed ranged class that manipulates the elements around them to either attack or defend. A variation of the Grappler class, Geomancers control the energy of the elements themselves to fight their foes. Due to the nature in which a Geomancer must channel the elements, Geomancer must be a combat-caster. Despite the fact that they use energy based attacks like casters, they do it all within melee range accompanied by punches and kicks.

“While in concert of my songs, a mere piglet could become a mighty boar, or a mighty boar could become our lunch.”  
Bards use their energy to attack their foes and help their allies through the power of song. By playing an instrument laced with their own energy, they can cause a wide array of status effects which softens an enemy for an easy kill, or enhance their allies greatly. In a way, they attack the same way a Ninja does, except their attacks can effect many at once.

“Your soul is strong, may I borrow it? .. Forever?”
By ripping the spirit energy from a still living creature, Callers can then enslave and summon a remnant of that creature at their leisure. While the remnant can either be short or long ranged, the Caller is designated as long ranged because the Caller themselves have no obligation to face you in melee ranged combat, and defeating their remnant has little consequence as they can simply resummon it with their Aaura.

“Come! We’ll make this a performance to die for!”
By using a mini-golem simply known as a puppet, Puppeteers use invisible strings of energy to let their puppet do the fighting for them while they’re safely at a distance. By design the puppet is way stronger than an average adventurer — doubling, tripling, or perhaps doing even more the damage a mere flesh and blood fighter could do.

“Civilization? Pfft. It’s nothing more than another pack of animals — all scared shitless in their dens, terrified over what the wilds have to offer.”
A variation of both the Aurmancer and Warrior class, Beastmasters are a mixed range class that fight alongside animal companions. Unlike an Aurmancer, rather than reading and controlling the energy of Sapient minds, they deal exclusively with animals and monsters. Due to the nature of dealing with wild beasts, the Beastmaster is often in weapons and armor similar to a Warrior so they can defend themselves. While most beasts can only engage from melee, the Beastmaster themselves can choose to either fight from either melee range, or pelt you with attacks from afar as ranged. While many Beastmasters choose to have a spirit bond with an animal companion, they can also more or less brainwash (or “Tame”) any creatures they come across to fight for them as well.

While Beastmasters can read and control the Aaura of savage minds, and Callers seek to enslave it, Druids opt to completely emulate it by transforming their very body. While the transformation is temporary, skilled Druids can hold the form for quite a while, to the point where it may as well seem permanent. The more skilled the Druid, the more forms they can attain. Druids typically fight in melee ranged as that’s how most beasts fight, but a Druid might have limited control of the elements around them similar to a Geomancer. However despite that, their main form of attack comes from the attacks they throw themselves while in the guise of the mighty beasts.