Gonna keep it real with ya, brah.. there is no social media.

Okay, so at first I was all gung-ho for getting a bunch of social media accounts to promote this comic, but as time went on I became more and more disillusioned with social media as a whole. At its core, social media is supposed to connect us with others. But dude, how is it that after using social media I felt more isolated and alone than ever? Like.. dude, I had buddies on Facebook and I’d write on their wall, and they’d just straight up ignore it. Even worse, they’d write a new post and ignore it. So it’s like.. bro, I know you saw it, you just don’t care enough to reply.

Back in the days, friends would build up, and dissolve as time went on. Sometimes you weren’t meant to have the same friend for life, sometimes they were just temporary. But social media was letting us more or less zombify our relationships and keep them for longer than their shelf life. Even though I was never dickish enough to just ignore someone, I was guilty of adding people who I didn’t give a single, solitary fuck about. Like that kid I used to know in elementary school? Hell yeah, add! That dude in junior high who I never once spoke to? Fuck yeah, get over here! That random co-worker whose name I didn’t even know? Get on this friend-list here, boi! But as time went on, I came to realize all that shit was artificial and I didn’t want anything to do with it. If real friendships were nutritious food, social media was junk food.

I had a Twitter until a few days ago though, but SOMEONE who shall remain nameless bought it and just completely and totally fucked it all up. I thought about staying on social media to continue to promote this thing but dude, let’s be serious: What difference am I gonna make doing that? This comic has like.. zero eyes on it right now, and it’s not even a chapter in yet (10/’23), I really doubt I’m gonna have a zillion people reading this if I post an update to the void on my Twitter. And Instagram and Tumblr? Ehhh, I have nothing really bad to say about those, just never got into ’em.

Sooo.. why is there some icons on Tweezen if they don’t lead anywhere? Ehhh, they look pretty enough. I like that lil’ pop of color the social media icons give the site. 😊